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netzerosignNet Zero Waste in Abbotsford leases 6 acres of land on John and Diane Doppenberg’s farm on Gladwin Road in Abbotsford.   This state-of-the-art facility produces thousands of metric tonnes of clean, organically certified compost from the green waste collected in the Metro Abbotsford area.

unnamed (1)interiornetzeroThe main building is nearly as large as a football field and is unobstrusively situated on farm land.  The picture above shows some of the produce grown using the Net Zero compost.  The other picture shows the truckloads of food waste waiting to be ground up and piled under some high-tech Gore Cover Systems (seen in the background). All this takes place on a specially designed concrete floor that filters, recycles or contains 97% of odor, all waste water and accelerates the decomposition process allowing for large volumes of waste to be processed on a relatively small building footprint.

unnamedAfter two months of composting at extremely high temperatures, the compost is screened and readied for sale.  Net Zero offers customers a number of compost options and sells to individuals and large companies: from small bags to tandem truck loads.

We use the compost as a top dressing on our onion and garlic beds.  The high-heat process kills all pathogens, bug larvae and weed seeds making it the cleanest product we have ever used.  John was in the composting business for several years prior to Net Zero’s arrival and I helped make the family compost when I was a child back in the 1960’s.  We have never seen compost this free of weeds.

Net Zero has its own access road off of Gladwin Road at the north edge of the property (the Skydiving Facility is beside the road).  If you want to buy compost, or take green waste for disposal take the gravel road down to the weigh-scale.

Net+Zero+Waste+-+Person+brings+wasteOnce you are at this scale you will be met by Net Zero staff and they can direct you from there.

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