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Garlic Transplants!

garlic transplants 2017

All the books tell you Garlic can’t be transplanted.  Not true.  We do it all the time.  With this brutal winter we have had survivors emerge from our compost pile.  The bulbs and bulbils we tossed last fall have emerged and clusters like the one shown above did better than many planted in the field.  Main reason we believe is they were sheltered from the worst of the winds.

So, we are digging up these clusters, taking as much of their rootball as possible and replanting them in a hole filled with compost.  With the warming weather we will find sunny locations and hope for the best.

These bulbs will be smaller but they will be perfectly edible and could be broken up for seed next fall.  The bulbils can be saved for a summer garnish or additional seed stock.

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Steel Trusses for garlic drying sheds

garlic shed trusses 2017

Despite the frozen crop we optimistically went ahead with putting a new roof on the drying bays.  Genius John whipped these steel trusses together during a coffee break one day.  Will not quite that fast but pretty darn close to it.  Next step is to replace the old shelves.  More pice to follow on that.

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Is the 2017 crop destroyed?

frozen garlic 2017

Wow! After 2 months of record snow and cold our garlic beds look ruined.  All the green shoots are yellow andl ifeless.  The raised beds have been frozen for most of the past 10 weeks dating back to Dec 6th 2016.

On the north field we lost 90% of our fabric covers in the howling NW gales.  If any plants survive we fear the bulbs will be small.  Survivors will have exceptional flavour as cold weather generally creates strong garlic.

We will see.

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