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And the Weeds Pile Up!

Here’s a pic of the weeds we are dealing with as we clean the last dozen long rows (about 1,000 plants per row).  Literally hundreds of wheelbarrow loads have been removed so far!


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Mid March Update


The early purple stripes are stretching out to 18 inches!  And it is only March 17th.  Notice how the papering and composting of nearly a month ago has kept the rows clean of weeds.


Just for comparison, here’s John measuring the porcelains out to just under 12″.  At this stage in the spring, the purples are typically 50% larger with more developed leaves and much thicker stems.  The porcelains will eventually be the bigger plant but the harvest is 4-6 weeks later.  (That’s a small white mustard plant in the foreground.  We will reseed that beneficial cover crop again this summer.)

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Winter Weed/Feed done for Purples


The early purples are now weeded, papered and mulched with Net Zero compost and/or mulch.  The rows in the background are up next.  They are the later porcelains.

The heavy rains waterlogged a few beds in the north field



Still, the plants look good in John’s raised beds.  The majority of the crop is dry so it will be interesting to see how many plants are undersized because of having wet roots.

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