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Wintering Weeding Update


Tuesday, February 09/16 was over 15 degrees in the warm sun and we managed to complete the weeding on all our main beds.  Whew!  Next step is to give them a light topping of compost and weed-suppressing paper strips lain between each long row.  This should block over three-quarters of all the subsequent weeds between now and the May harvest.

This is the earliest variety of hard-neck we have found and we expect nearly 4 weeks of early sales before the traditional hard-neck varieties come on stream.


Meanwhile our purple bulbils are starting to develop their second and third leaves.  We have thousands planted this year and their ability to develop small cloves by August dictates the size of next year’s crop. We expect 4-5 seed-cloves from each new plant.

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Winter Weed ‘n Feed Time!!


Greetings everyone! Well, January is almost over but the season has just begun.  Hard to believe we expect to start harvesting our early purples in fewer than 100 days.  As you can see, our raised beds are covered in weeds after a mild winter.  The water logged paths still show a few white mustard plants we used as soil enhancers.

The early purples (shown here) are almost a foot tall with 5 leaves showing in most plants.  We started weeding a week ago and expect to have nearly a acre cleaned up by mid February.


Here’s a few beds after a weeding.  Much better!

Keep in touch.  I’ll be posting regularly from now till the season’s end.

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