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Monster Garlics Going on Sale July 4-5

20150616_151629These are typical Jumbo garlics.  Most of our crop of Purples or Whites are 2.5″ to over 3″ across like these beauties. We will sell them for $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 (that’s under $10 a pound).  The Purples (or Red Russians as many people call them) have great flavour.  The whites are even hotter!  We caution people to use about one quarter the usual amount.  They will overwhelm your food if you use too much.  Better to try a little bit and then add more if required.

These jumbos will go on sale July 4-5 during Berry Festival in downtown Abbotsford (on Essendene in front of Hemingways Books) . The garlics are our main crop but we will be selling other local produce.  In July we will have giant Walla Walla onions, Spanish onions and later on some early squash for sale.

All our produce is chemical-free.  The garlic found in B.C. grocery stores usually comes from California or China.  Both douse their produce (garlic in particular) with 35-50 different chemicals including many insecticides, herbicides and even chlorine to make them look whiter!!  To get an idea of what California garlic contains check out

Another good website that breaks down chemicals in California garlic can be found at

Some parts of the world have stopped importing Chinese garlic because of the rampant chemical use.  Check out

Despite the ban on Chinese garlic in parts of the southern hemisphere and Europe Canadian officials seem unconcerned.

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Spanish onions grow in weed-free beds

20150617_082115Here are a few test beds of Spanish Onions.  Notice the onion beds are virtually weed-free since we planted the onion sets through a roll of craft paper. We plan on using this technique for more of our local produce as the soil in Abbotsford is rich and ideal for weeds.  There is a top dressing of compost from Net Zero which helps feed these plants.  The paper covering also traps moisture in the root zone reducing our watering in this hot, dry summer.  You can see a few weeds growing in the paths (which are now weed free) but the onion beds are clean.

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Walla Walla Onions showing good size

20150617_081942Here is one of our smaller beds of Walla Walla onions.  Many are grapefruit size and will be on sale at Berry Festival (in front of Hemingways Books) July 4-5 as well as the Abbotsford Farmer’s Market starting Saturday, July 11th.Like all our produce, we are chemical free and we never use GMO seeds.  In fact, we grow all our garlic from our own stock.  This year we are also growing corn, squash and white onions from our own in-house seeds.

To compare our natural produce with onions from California, go to: and see the extensive list of chemicals found in those producers, many of whom ship to B.C.

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White Russian Harvest

20150617_08191820150617_081906Here are the first two beds of Whites being harvested.  The unseasonably hot June has the plants drying down faster than usual.  We will aim to get all 20 beds in the cooler drying tent (seen off the right) as soon as possible.  Like the purples, well over half the plants have jumbo sized bulbs (2.5 inches across or more).

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Russian Garlic Bulbils

20150616_09270620150616_092737Here are two shots of the bulbils from our purple russians.  The close-up shows the small bulbils turning their distinctive purple colour.  We will harvest thousands of these and plant many of them in the fall.  We will be selling some at the Farmer’s Market this summer (starting July 11th) at the North end of Montrose in downtown Abbotsford.

Bulbils also are tasty snacks.  Try them steamed or roasted! Yummm…

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Swedish Spuds in Bloom

20150616_092921The tasty Swedish potatoes also offer some attractive blossoms before yellowing and dying down.  These plants should be ready for harvesting in early July.  The row in the foreground should mature 2-3 weeks later.  Notice the yellowing porcelain (white russian) garlic in the background.

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Prepping Our Winter Greens Plot

20150616_093221Here’s John harrowing a small patch (last year’s garlic bed) and making it ready for some winter greens.  We hope to plant winter onions, kale, chard and some late swedish potatoes.

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Giant Pumpkins ready for 1st pruning

20150616_093248Here is one of John’s two Pumpkin Giants that are entered into the national Pumpkin Competition.  He is close to pruning all secondary vines and leaving only the largest of the early pumpkins that appear on the principal vine.  The trick is to prune and feed so that all the energy goes into producing one large fruit.

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Next Year’s Garlic Plot

20150616_093017John’s rich loam soil has been a clover and rye paddock of late and hasn’t been used for veggies in over 30 years.  The three cottonwoods in the centre of the picture will be removed before our October planting. We hope to more than double this year’s crop and should be close to one acre (or 40,000 plants) in 2016.

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First Corn Block One Foot High

20150616_092940Mid June and our late corn is nearly one foot high.  We are intentionally aiming at a September crop of Jubilee corn hoping the late start gives us a sweet late corn like last year.  This should make for great freezing corn.  John and I are still eating the last of 2014’s sweet corn.  It freezes very well.  We encourage people to buy enough to keep some over the winter.  It sure beats frozen corn from the grocery store!

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