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Swedish Spuds in the Field


We actually have three short plantings of Swedish potatoes here.  The first planting was made on March 15th, with more following every 2 weeks.  We will keep adding more rows to the right of this one all spring. I expect the first crop to be ready in mid-June.  We will post prices and harvest times later in the spring.

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Porcelain Garlic nearly full grown


April 20th, 2015 and the porcelains are almost full grown.  Taller than the purple stripes, they stretch out at 42-46 inches overall but stand a few inches less than that.  We expect to start seeing scapes emerge by mid May.

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Purple Stripe Garlic in late April



Our purple stripe (which many call Russian garlic) has almost stopped growing leaves.  The stems are thick with many over 1″ in diameter.  These plants have drooping leaves and stand about 2 feet tall.  If you straighten out the leaves the tallest are about 45 inches overall.

If you plant them too close they will elongate in a race to get more sun.  This takes energy away from bigger bulbs!  The largest bulbs will always come from properly spaced plants given lots of food and no competition from weeds.

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