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Garlic Bulbils at 2 weeks old


Here are about 1,000 bulbils at 2 weeks.  This is a mix of purple and porcelain bulbils from our best bulbs harvested the previous summer.  It takes us 3 years to get them up to market size (3 plantings) but it ensures us clean seed stock that is acclimatizing to our west coast soil and weather. We will plant bulbils every year and we will be selling them starting in early July.  Keep checking back for more info and prices.

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Early Swedish Potatoes


We have had great success with a hardy Swedish finger potato that matures in under 100 days and can be planted from late February through to late June.

These test tubs were planted in Mid February and wintered inside the unheated greenhouse.  This is them after about a month.

Published: March 7, 2015 | Comments: 0