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Garlic half-Grown by February

20150215_121322By early February our purples were over a foot high with six leaves showing.  Fully extended some were nearly 16 inches long.  The Porcelains in the distance were planted 2 weeks later and are lagging behind a bit in size.  We expect the Purples to be ready for harvest by early June.  Last year we had some for sale at the Berry Festival in early July.  I suspect we will be selling this year’s crop at the Festival in Abbotsford again.

We planted the purples in mid October and to date we have had over 750 mill (over 31 inches) of rain! The constant pounding will actually flatten these beds considerably.  But, drainage has been good with only half a dozen plants ever standing in water.  Naturally, they are already smaller than their neighbours and will amount to little by harvest time.  Growing garlic in Zone 8, particularly the lower mainland of B.C or up the Fraser Valley requires some planning.

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Garlic Half Grown by February


By mid February the purple stripe is over a foot tall with 5-6 leaves showing.  The darker porcelains in the distance are a few inches shorter with fewer leaves showing.

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